EUDRA is one of the largest wholesalers of sorted and second-hand clothing, stock clothing, footwear and accessories not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. We are the strongest in Lithuania according to our credit history for many years in a row.

EUDRA MISSION – cost-effective dressing of people in clothes that have been recovered for a second life, thus offering uniqueness and positive emotions, while saving and preserving natural resources.

EUDRA OBJECTIVE – creating a global system for supplying high quality, exclusive originality and low price clothing. Our aim is to become your reliable business partner offering quality second hand and stock clothes at the best wholesale prices. We will find the best option for your clothing business and prepare the best clothing offers for different seasons.

EUDRA clothing – from all over Europe – fashionable, youthful, original, exclusive, sorted by season. We feel accountable to consumers, therefore, we make every effort to ensure the product quality. Short process from ordering to the delivery of goods to the buyer ensuring the minimum turnaround times. Excellent logistics system – we transport the goods by road, rail and sea.